Affiliated researchers

Dr Giovanni Colavizza
Giovanni Colavizza
Assistant professor of Digital Humanities
Profile picture of Lucas van der Deijl
Lucas van der Deijl
Assistant professor of early modern Dutch literature
Prof. Joris van Eijnatten
Joris van Eijnatten
Professor of Cultural History
Picture of Willemijn Elkhuizen
Willemijn Elkhuizen
Assistant professor Industrial Design Engineering
Dr Jiyin He
Jiyin He
Postdoctoral researcher
Dr Pim Huijnen
Pim Huijnen
Assistant professor in Digital Cultural History
Dr Samuël Kruizinga
Samuël Kruizinga
Assistant professor in contemporary history
Prof. Joep Leerssen
Joep Leerssen
Professor of Modern European Literature
Icon guest
Cynthia Liem
Assistant Professor at the Multimedia Computing Group
Picture of Vera Provatorova holding flowers.
Vera Provatorova
PhD student Information Retrieval / Natural Language Processing at the IRLab, Universiteit van Amsterdam
Thomas Smits
Thomas Smits
PhD researcher of illustrated newspapers and transnational visual news culture
Prof. Els Stronks
Els Stronks
Professor of Early Modern Dutch Literature and Culture
Foto Jesper Verhoef
Jesper Verhoef
Postdoc Digitization, Media and Popular Culture, Cultural Heritage, and Creative Industries
Melvin Wevers
Melvin Wevers
PhD researcher
Foto Karin de Wild
Karin de Wild
Lecturer contemporary museum and collection studies at Leiden University
Puck Wildschut
Puck Wildschut
PhD researcher in Literary Studies