Lucas van der Deijl

Lucas van der Deijl is assistant professor of early modern Dutch literature at the University of Groningen. His research focuses on early modern philosophy, cultural transfer and theatre history, integrating computational text analysis with methods from cultural history, translation studies, and literary studies.

KB researcher-in-residence 2024: Changing story models in early modern Dutch drama (1500-1700)

The growth of digital theatre corpora and the advancement of computational methods create a unique momentum to trace the evolution of narrative conventions in early modern drama. This project seizes this momentum  by (1) compiling a standardised corpus of all Dutch theatre editions printed between 1500 and 1700 currently available in the DBNL (ca. 300) and (2) demonstrating the potential of that corpus with a pilot study on changing story models in early modern Dutch theatre. 

The project first designs a workflow to automatically convert editions from the DBNL to the TEI-template prescribed by the multilingual theatre database of the Drama Corpora Project (DraCor). Secondly, the editions are manually enriched with semantic annotations by students from the University of Groningen. This corpus, to be published open access as a new dataset in the KB Lab and in the DraCor infrastructure, enables a variety of innovative approaches of early modern theatre for researchers interested in literary history, the history of emotions, gender history, historical linguistics, computational linguistics etc. Moreover, by linking the KB collections to DraCor, this project firmly positions Dutch literary heritage in a European context, stimulating comparative studies of Dutch literature within the transnational dynamics that has always been crucial to its development. 

Foto: Inge Hoogland voor Faces of Science/NEMO Kennislink

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Lucas van der Deijl
Assistant professor of early modern Dutch literature