The Dictionary viewer is a simple tool to visualise the appearance of a word list (or 'dictionary') in the Delpher newspaper corpus over time. The visualisation shows you all articles that contain a user-specified minimum number of words from a word list (for example the keyword list extracted with the Keyword Generator). Multiple lists can be shown in one graph in order to compare them. The graph is clickable per year and opens a list of all articles that match the search query. 

    This tool was built during the stay of dr. Pim Huijnen as KB Researcher-in-residence and can be used in combination with the Keyword generator.


    When using the Dictionary viewer, we request you to cite it as follows:

    Lonij, J., Huijnen, P. (2015), Dictionary Viewer. KB Lab: The Hague

    • Type or paste in your word list separating the various serach terms with spaces. There is a maximum of 15 keywords. 
    • Select the minimum number of words that should be present in an article with the dropdown menu and click 'Search'. If you run a complex search it may take some time for your results to load. 
    • Repeat this if you wish to compare multiple lists.

    By clicking on a point in the graph, a webpage with links to all results from that particular year is provided. You can switch between relative and absolute results by clicking the buttons on the bottom of the screen. In the table below the graph you see the queries, the number of results and the minimum number of words from the query that all results should contain. You can download the data with the 'Download'-link and delete the query from your results with the 'Delete'-link.



    A great example of how the tool can be used has been described by dr. Pim Huijnen in his blog post on his research project during his stay as the KB Researcher-in-residence.