WAC 2024: why WARC's are complex but not messy


On 25 and 26 (with pre-conference workshops on the 24th) the Web Archiving Conference (WAC) was held in Paris, at the National Library of France (BnF). The topic of this year's conference was 'Web Archives in context'. The KB was well presented with (among others) Sophie Ham, Iris Geldermans and Researcher-in-Residence Jesper Verhoef visiting and presenting.  

LGBT+ and Religion: Queering Web Archive Research

Researcher-in-Residence Jesper Verhoef presented some of his results of the residency during the conference. He was apart of a session called Collaborations, accompanied by the well-know Jefferson Bailey (Internet Archive) and Susan Aasman (University of Groningen). He talked about the composition of the KB LGBT+ special collection and also stressed the importance of the collection. He ended his talk by talking about the importance of saving this piece of LGBT+ history.

Why WARC are complex but not messy

Researcher webarchiving Iris Geldermans also presented, but did a poster presentation about (in her opinion) the amazing WARC's. She pleaded that WARC are amazing because they take a messy source (website/the internet) and coat it with a layer of metadata that not only tells a lot about each little bitty element of a website (from favicon to images, from text to scripts) but also enables the Wayback Machine to reconstruct it! Amazing! See her posters below. 

Next year's conference will be held in Oslo were we look forward to talk to and share ideas with web archive colleagues once again!

colourfull poster with arguments why WARC are complex but not messy
Colourfull poster with examples of data out of a WARC: text and image