Sophie Ham

Sophie Ham, Curator of Digital Collections.

When I studied Early Modern Dutch Literature at Utrecht University (I hold a MA degree) I learned to appreciate literature and texts in general not only for their literary qualities, but also for their cultural-historical value. What we think, write, and publish is essential to understand society and humanity: it’s history, the present and the future.

It’s been a privilege to work at KB, one of the most important gatekeepers of our national heritage, since 2004 onwards. I have held several positions, mostly related to select, collect, understand, and present digital publications. In recent years, I worked as a project manager on social media-archiving and as coordinator of KB’s web archiving team, trying to narrow the gap between what we want to collect and research and the technical and legal limits.

Now, as one of the curators for the digital collections of the KB, I focus on born digital publications such as websites, social media and web archaeology. 

A woman with shoulder-length auburn hair is smiling to the camera
Sophie Ham
Curator of Digital Collections