Iris Geldermans

Iris Geldermans, Researcher Webarchiving.

I hold a BA degree in history from the University of Amsterdam (including a minor Digital Humanities from the Utrecht University) and an MA degree in (Public) History from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It was during my MA degree I first got into contact with the webarchiving activities at the KB. During an internship I collected the collection NL-blogosfeer. While I was finishing up my studies I returned to the the KB web collection, which I was now fascinated by, to explore the quality assessment side of it. After a year I started using the knowledge I gained about the Web Curator Tool, Wayback Machine and webarchiving at the KB in general to start researching the many different sides of the webarchiving field and aid visiting researchers in using the KB web collection for close reading but also for data driven research.

Presentations & articles

IIPC WAC 2023: Discovering and Archiving the Frisian Web with Susanne van den Eijkel