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DH Clinics wins Victorine Iniative prize

We are happy to announce that the DH Clinics , co-organised by KB Lab member Lotte Wilms , together with Ben Companjen from Leiden University Libraries and Michiel Cock of...

KBK-1M Dataset available via DANS

We are happy to announce that as of today, access to the KBK-1M Dataset can be obtained through the Easy system of DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services), the Netherlands...

Find visual trends in newspaper advertisements with SIAMESE

Over the past few months, Melvin Wevers joined the KB Lab as Researcher-in-residence. During his stay, he did not only manage to defend his PhD succesfully, but together with Juliette...

Interview with researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers at

Researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers will defend his PhD on Friday 15 September 2017 at Utrecht University. His research was funded by the Dutch organisation NWO, who have interviewed him about his...

Registratie DH Clinics geopend

Het is zover: de inschrijvingen voor de Digital Humanities Clinics zijn geopend! Tijdens de DH Clinics leer je wat het doen van onderzoek met computationele methoden inhoudt en wat de...

New blog: Kick-off Workshop for LIBER’s Newest Working Group Digital Humanities

Reblogged from Digital Humanities (DH) is the field of research where the humanities and computer science meet, and scholars work on research using large collections of digital/digitised content and...


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ICDAR2019 Competition on Digitised Magazine Article Segmentation

The results of the ICDAR2019 Competition on Digitised Magazine Article Segmentation will be presented during the ICDAR2019 conference. For more information about the conference, please see



KB Lab at DHBenelux 2019

This year's DHBenelux conference takes place in Liège Belgium. Steven Claeyssens and Sara Veldhoen will be representing the KB Lab and researchers-in-residence Annemieke Romein and Kaspar Beelen will also be presenting. The following presentations are in collaboration with the KB...



Researcher-in-residence consultation slot

If you are interested in applying to the KB Researcher-in-residence programme for 2020 we strongly advise you to talk to us before submitting. We can help you shape your proposal in a way that it fits the programme best, ensuring...

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