KB Lab at DH2017


This week the international Digital Humanities community will gather in Montreal, Canada for the annual Digital Humanities Conference. The KB will be represented by Steven Claeyssens & Martijn Kleppe. Also our current researchers-in-residence Thomas Smits and Melvin Wevers will be at the conference. Our former researcher-in-residence Frank Harbers will give a virtual presentation together with Juliette Lonij. Lotte Wilms is co-author of a poster.

Please find an overview of all presentations below:

  • Steven will present the experiences of KB’s Dataservices when providing datasets to scholars during the workshop ‘Shaping Humanities Data: Use, Reuse, and Paths Toward Computationally Amenable Cultural Heritage Collections’.
  • Martijn, Melvin and Thomas organise the workshop ‘Computer Vision in Digital Humanities’ together with collegeaus of the Getty Research Institute, Dartmouth College and EPFL from Lausanne, Swiss.
  • During the workshop Melvin and Juliette will present the paper ‘Visual Trends in Dutch Newspaper Advertisements’. Thomas will give a lightning talk titled ‘: How can Caffe be used to segment historical images into different categories?’
  • During the conference, Thomas will also present a paper on his researcher-in-residence project, titled ‘Illustrations to Photographs: Using computer vision to analyse news pictures in Dutch newspapers, 1860-1940’. (abstract in pdf)
  • Frank Harbers and Juliette Lonij will present a virtual paper titled ‘Distinguishing Newspaper Genres. Exploring Automated Classification of Journalism’s Modes of Expression’. (abstract in pdf)
  • Lotte Wilms is 2nd author of the poster ‘Digital Humanities Clinics – Leading Dutch Librarians into DH’. The poster will be presented by Vrije Universiteit colleague Michiel Cock. (abstract in pdf)