KB lab at CLARIAH & NDE Annual Conference 2022


Thursday November 24th 2022, CLARIAH and the Netwerk Digitaal Erfgoed jointly organise their annual conference in Utrecht. This year's theme will be 'Heritage meets Digital Humanities'. Steven Claeyssens, Mirjam Cuper and Michel de Gruijter will be representing the KB Lab at the poster and demosession. 


Steven Claeyssens and Marian Hellema shall dispay a poster about the tools-to-data project and SANE-project. Both projects are looking for solutions to query projected data (GPDR, copyright) in a safe environment that prevents data leaks.

Together with Savvina Daniil, Mirjam Cuper will present a poster about biases in recommender-systems for public libraries. 

Michel de Gruijter will be presenting 'Newspapers & photos connected. Exploring the use of computer vision to gain better access to large heritage collections.' More information about the Newspaper and Photos project can be found on the KB lab. The poster can be found on Zenodo.