Categorisation of early modern ordinances

Sara Veldhoen

Entangled Histories: Segmentation

Dr Annemieke Romein

Entangled Histories: OCR + HTR = ATR: Automatic Text Recognition

Dr Annemieke Romein

Entangled Histories: bumps in the road and bursts of success

Dr Annemieke Romein

Digital Humanities and Legal History. Can the computer read and classify ordinances?

Dr Annemieke Romein

KB National Library of the Netherlands adopts OpenJPEG for Delpher and more!


Cities in the Volkskrant 1955-1994

Antoine Peris Msc

​Newspaper OCR quality – What do we have and how can we improve it?

Lotte Wilms

Looking for cities in historical newspapers

Antoine Peris Msc

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