NL-menu was the first Dutch web index. The site was originally founded by a consortium of SURFnet, Dutch universities and the KB in 1992. From the mid-nineties onwards it was maintained solely by the KB. NL-menu was discontinued in 2004, after which the site was taken offline. In 2006 the domain name was sold to a private company that used it for hosting a web index that was partially based on the original NL-menu site.

    In 2018 Johan van der Knijff worked on restoring the NL-menu that had been largely lost to the mists of time. 

    Read more about how he restored this website from an old CD-ROM on his blog. And read how he crawled the resurrected site to a WARC file that could be ingested into the KB web collection. 

    It is also possible to visit the resurrected snapshot of the NL-Menu (2004). 

    Known issues

    • Links to categories that contain sub-categories don't work in Firefox. Workaround: right-click on the link and open it in a new tab (or disable JavaScript). In Chrome/Chromium these links work normally.
    • The site contains a number of forms that don't work because the associated CGI scripts are missing (these scripts are not on the CD-ROM).
    • Some pages show the URL, instead of the original This is an unintended side-effect of the script that was used to update the links.
    Screenshot NL menu

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    Knijff, J. van der (2022) NL-Menu. KB Lab: The Hague.