KB team at HackaLOD 2023


During the first weekend of November, an enthusiastic KB team (Marijn Biekart, Mirjam Cuper, Dorien Haagsma, Marc van der Meulen, and Vera Provatorova) participated in the HackaLOD 2023. This hackathon is organized by the Dutch Digital Heritage Network. Seven teams competed in an attempt to develop a new, creative application based on Linked Open Data from cultural heritage institutions.


This is what our team had to say about their project: 

“Our goal is to make Digital Heritage more widely accessible and to strengthen the social role of the library. We want to use cultural heritage data to promote social connections, combat loneliness and inspire older people to share their stories and discover what data is available (via Linked Open Data).

Our project, called ‘Vertel aLOD (tell aLOD)’, is centered around the creation of a digital dashboard that tells a story about a particular year or time period in history. This dashboard has access to various data sources to provide a lively image of the past, for example by showing the music and street scene of a specific time. People can also add their own experiences, allowing us to learn from each other. Moreover, this dashboard can be used in (primary) education.” 

Continue reading about the HackaLOD and the other projects (in Dutch). 

Logo of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network