Marijn Biekart

Marijn Biekart (she/her), Junior AI Researcher.

I hold a BSc degree in Artificial Intelligence and BA degree in Philosophy, both obtained at the University of Amsterdam. Originally, I was mainly interested in the theoretical overlap between both subjects. I wanted to know more about logic, philosophy of language and natural language processing. However, as AI-tools became more integrated into daily life, I started to develop an interest in AI ethics. I have developed my expertise in this area during my Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at Utrecht University. Here, I specialised in the intersection between AI, society and ethics. This has resulted in a thesis project in which I researched the different ways in which algorithmic decision making algorithms are not value-neutral and how we can deal with this. I believe that AI can offer solutions to complex problems, but I think that we should always put people first.  

As a Junior AI Researcher, I will explore how the KB can use AI, and how we can do so in a responsible way. Furthermore, I will maintain KB Lab and play a role in the Researcher-in-Residence Programme.  

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Marijn Biekart
Junior AI Researcher