Contextualising Collections with ‘Datasheets for Digital Cultural Heritage Datasets


A blogpost containing a conversation about Datasheets for Cultural Heritage Collections with our very own Steven Claeyssens was recently published on the DRI website (Digital Repository of Ireland).  

We need to realise that as (national) libraries, we have become (re)publishers of the enormous, historical ‘long tail’ of publications. This brings with it other responsibilities. We have always partly shaped the image of history by what we preserve and make findable, but now also by what we make publicly available and searchable online, for both humans and machines.

- Steven Claeyssens, Koninklijke Bibliotheek

"This blog is part of a series of posts related to the Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Recommendations produced by the WorldFAIR Project’s Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Working Group. (...)

BK: Thank you for joining our blog series Steven! It’s really exciting to be able to talk with you more about Datasheets for Cultural Heritage Collections, which became an important part of the recommendation for data documentation in the Recommendations Report that you contributed to as part of the WorldFAIR Project Cultural Heritage Image Sharing Working Group"......

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