Python API


    Simple API to access KB collections using Python.

    The KB provides several ways to access collections that have been digitised. For a complete overview of available collections and methods to get access, please look at our Data services & APIs page. For your convienience we've created a small wrapper around the two main routes (SRU / OAI-PMH) of getting data from the KB. 

    Documentation on how to use the API and the source code can be found on Github.


    The Python API can be installed on any machine with an internet connection running Python having PIP installed.

    To test if your computer is ready, type the words 'pip install kb' in your command line. This will install the KB Python library from the cental PyPi server. If you were able to complete this step, you will now be able to access and interact with historical data from the KB using Python only.

    For example usage have a look at the file, or consult the  /test directory, provided on Github.