Sara Veldhoen

Sara Veldhoen, Research Software Engineer. I hold a BSc degree in Artificial Intelligence from Utrecht University (UU) and an MSc degree in the same field from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), where I specialized in Natural Language Processing at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). 

I am interested in the ethical application of AI. I believe that computers and humans have many complementary qualities, and it's up to us to figure out how they can co-operate. My focus at the KB is on bibliographic metadata, which is manually created and curated. We explore how tooling can assist this labour, by suggesting relevant subject terms and author records. 

Furthermore, I work together with external researchers to extend their projects in the digital and computational domain. I really enjoy contributing to their research journey for a while, which allows me to discover new worlds again and again. 

The projects I was lucky to participate in so far:
2019: Annemieke Romein - Entangled Histories: Ordinances of the Low Countries
2020: Seyran Khademi - Ot & Sien dataset
2021: Andreas van Cranenburg - Dutch Novels 1800-2000 

Sara Veldhoen
Sara Veldhoen
Research Software Engineer