Wanted: Researchers to collaborate on OCR improvement


The KB has once again been selected for the NWO-workshop 'ICT with Industry'. In this annual workshop NWO and IPN (ICT Research Platform Netherlands) want to bring together scientific researchers and respresentatives from the industry or public organisation to find solutions for real life use case.

Workshop setup

During five days, researchers and colleagues from the KB and Huygens ING will collaboratively work on challenges around OCR techniques for Dutch texts printed in a gothic typeface. The workshop takes place from 20 - 24 January in the Lorentz Center in Leiden. Are you a researcher or master student and interested in joining the workshop? Please apply via the application form.

The case for the KB and Huygens ING

The use case is centred on the improvement of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) (post-processing) techniques for early modern texts which were printed (either fully or partially) in a variety of gothic scripts. Next to type-related issues, we must also address complex layouts, bleed-through of text from the opposite page which result in noisy images, multiple and historic languages, and crooked or warped text (lines) caused by the digitisation process. We would like to invite researchers from fields such as computer vision, pattern recognition, image recognition and natural language processing to join us in finding new ways of opening up these rich, historical text resources to researchers by improving the OCR process or correcting the current OCR quality in new ways.

More information

Read the full description of the use case. The workshop is led by prof. dr. Lambert Schomaker of Groningen University