Report: First Cultural Heritage Developers Meetup


To bring together developers who work at cultural heritage institutes, we took the initiative to organise a ‘Cultural Heritage Developers Meetup’. The first meeting took place 18 May 2017 at the premises of the KB and was attended by about 20 developers from Europeana, RKD, DANS  & Huygens ING.

First Cultural Heritage Developers Meetup

The meeting started with 3 short presentations about: 1) Graph databases at Europeana, 2) the new Facebook Messenger Chatbot of the KB Lab and 3) Access policies for digital objects. After the presentations it was time to meet, chat and exchange ideas and future plans and possible collaborations. Those attending were enthusiastic about the set-up so we aim to organise more of these kinds of meetups. Keep an eye on our website for updates on the next meetings.

Slides of the presentation on Graph Databases and Access policies for digital objects can be found in the shared Google Drive of the Meetup. During the latest ELAG conference, Rene Wiermer gave an updated presentation of the work he did on Access policies. Those slides can be found on our Slideshare channel.