KB Research's earlier blog posts


Before the launch of the KB Lab, the Research department of the KB operated a Wordpress site. This site has since been archived, but all posts are still available online and have been moved to our own server.

All blog posts are available at http://blog.kbresearch.nl/.

All blogs were written by colleagues from the KB Research department and previous researchers-in-residence, namely

  • Clemens Neudecker
  • Lieke Ploeger
  • Barbara Sierman
  • Johan van der Knijff
  • Lotte Wilms
  • Judith Rog
  • Inge Angevaare
  • Melanie Imming
  • Marcel Ras
  • Henk Voorbij
  • Sieta Neuerburg
  • Vera Hubers
  • Tineke Koster
  • Martijn Kleppe
  • Thomas Smits
  • Frank Harbers