The KB Lab will be at the DH2019 conference in Utrecht with the following contributions:

Preconference workshop: https://adholibdh.github.io/dh2019-preconference/


  • Romein, Christel Annemieke and Veldhoen, Sara Floor - Entangled Histories of Early Modern Ordinances. Segmentation of Text and Machine-Learned Metadating.
  • Lotte Wilms, Andreas Degkwitz, Caleb Derven, Marian Lefferts, Kirsty Lingstadt, Liam O'Dwyer, Demmy Verbeke - Digital Humanities in European Research Libraries - a Survey

Next to this, the following papers and posters use KB Collections:

  • Smeenk, Kim;Bilgin, Aysenur;Klaver, Tom;Tjong Kim Sang, Erik;Hollink, Laura;van Ossenbruggen, Jacco;Harbers, Frank;Broersma, Marcel - Grounding Paradigmatic Shifts In Newspaper Reporting In Big Data. Analysing Journalism History By Using Transparent Automatic Genre Classification.
  • Simon Hengchen, Ruben Ros, Jani Marjanen - A data-driven approach to the changing vocabulary of the ‘nation’ in English, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish newspapers, 1750-1950
  • Melvin Wevers, Thomas Smits - Advertising Gender -Using Computer Vision to Trace Gender Displays in Historical Advertisements, 1920-1990
  • Ros, Ruben;van Eijnatten, Joris Disentangling a Trinity: A Digital Approach to Modernity, Civilization and Europe in Dutch Newspapers (1840-1990)
  • Priewe, Marc;Cordell, Ryan (2);Beals, M. H. (3);Galina Russell, Isabel (4);Nyhan, Julianne (5);Priani Siasó, Ernesto (4);Salmi, Hannu (6);Smith, David (2);Verheul, Jaap (7);Terras, Melissa (8) - Oceanic Exchanges: Transnational Textual Migration And Viral Culture
  • Ros, Ruben - Conceptual Vocabularies and Changing Meanings of “Foreign” in Dutch Foreign News (1815-1914)



For more information about the conference, please see https://dh2019.adho.org/

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