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Join us: news list of LIBER Digital Humanities working group now open

The LIBER Digital Humanities working group has just opened a Listserv news list. Here, librarians and researchers can share ideas, experiences and cases around the theme 'Digital Humanities and libraries'...

Digital humanities en duurzame toegang in het KB Lab

Crosspost van Op 11 april heeft de Koninklijke Bibliotheek de nieuwe website gelanceerd van het KB Lab, de portal voor digital humanities-onderzoek bij de KB. In het KB Lab...

New blog: Thomas Smits - Can computer vision find illustrations of nineteenth-century railway crashes?

One of our current KB Researchers-in-residence, Thomas Smits , has written a new blog post on the work he will be doing at the KB Lab the coming months. Can...

Digital Humanities Clinics voor bibliotheekmedewerkers: input gevraagd!

U wilt onderzoekers op het gebied van Digital Humanities beter kunnen faciliteren en ondersteunen? Weten wat computationele manieren van onderzoek doen nu precies inhouden en beter begrijpen wat dat kan...

New dataset: Newspaper ngrams

A new dataset was recently published on our website; the newspaper ngrams. This dataset as generated by PoliticalMashup and contains yearly counts for word ngrams for n ranging from 1...

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If you still have room in your agenda this summer, we have some interesting options for you to meet us and learn more about the KB Lab or the KB's...


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IFLA Satellite Meeting 2017: Digital Humanities – Opportunities and Risks. Connecting Libraries and Research

Digital Scholarship Advisor Lotte Wilms will be present at the IFLA Satellite Meeting on Digital Humanities in Libraries where she will present the work she does on the organisation of DH Clinics and the LIBER working group on Digital Humanities...



Virtual paper at DH2017: Distinguishing Newspaper Genres. Exploring Automated Classification of Journalism’s Modes of Expression

Former researcher-in-residence dr. Frank Harbers will be presenting a virtual paper at DH2017 on the research he and Juliette Lonij did during his time at the KB Lab, which resulted in the Genre Classifier . Abstract This paper examines the...



Workshop Shaping Humanities Data at DH2017

Curator of Digital Collections dr. Steven Claeyssens will be speaking at the DH2017 workshop Shaping Humanities Data: Use, Reuse, and Paths Toward Computationally Amenable Cultural Heritage Collections . His talk is titled Libraries as Publishers of a New Bibliographical Unit...

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