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Find visual trends in newspaper advertisements with SIAMESE

Over the past few months, Melvin Wevers joined the KB Lab as Researcher-in-residence. During his stay, he did not only manage to defend his PhD succesfully, but together with Juliette...

Interview with researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers at

Researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers will defend his PhD on Friday 15 September 2017 at Utrecht University. His research was funded by the Dutch organisation NWO, who have interviewed him about his...

Registratie DH Clinics geopend

Het is zover: de inschrijvingen voor de Digital Humanities Clinics zijn geopend! Tijdens de DH Clinics leer je wat het doen van onderzoek met computationele methoden inhoudt en wat de...

New blog: Kick-off Workshop for LIBER’s Newest Working Group Digital Humanities

Reblogged from Digital Humanities (DH) is the field of research where the humanities and computer science meet, and scholars work on research using large collections of digital/digitised content and...

KB Lab at DH2017

This week the international Digital Humanities community will gather in Montreal, Canada for the annual Digital Humanities Conference . The KB will be represented by Steven Claeyssens & Martijn Kleppe...

Call Researcher-In-Residence program 2018 online

We are happy to announce that we opened the call for submissions for our researcher-in-residence-program 2018. This program offers a unique chance to early career researchers to work in the...




Digital approaches in cultural heritage: towards a pan-Baltic cooperation network

On 21-22 May 2019 in Riga at the National Library of Latvia will be organised international conference aimed for raising awareness between culture workers and specialists, including young professionals and policy-makers on issues related to digital cultural heritage. Cultural heritage...



LIBER Conference

The KB Lab will present the following paper at the LIBER conference; Session 4 (Wednesday 26 June 14:45): Beyond Assisting Digital Humanities Scholars: 5 Years of Researchers in Residence at the National Library of The Netherlands, - Martijn Kleppe, Lotte...



Libraries As Research Partner in Digital Humanities

Libraries and other cultural heritage organisations (CHOs) and their staff occupy a central role in digital humanities. Given the importance many of these organisations attach to their role as supporters of research, a case can be made for the opportunity...




The KB Lab will be at the DH2019 conference in Utrecht with the following contributions: Preconference workshop: Posters: Romein, Christel Annemieke and Veldhoen, Sara Floor - Entangled Histories of Early Modern Ordinances. Segmentation of Text and Machine-Learned Metadating. Lotte...



ICDAR2019 Competition on Digitised Magazine Article Segmentation

The results of the ICDAR2019 Competition on Digitised Magazine Article Segmentation will be presented during the ICDAR2019 conference. For more information about the conference, please see

Past events



Delpher: veelzijdig digitaal krantenonderzoek

Steven Claeyssens will present in the Digitizing the Humanities lecture series at Ghent University with a lecture titled "Delpher: veelzijdig digitaal krantenonderzoek".



Workshop: Computer Vision in Book History

Computer vision is making rapid progress in its ability to extract information from documents. Libraries, academic digital humanists and publishers are now moving from experimenting with computer vision to considering how to implement it in their search platforms or research...



Digital Humanities en Archieven

Lotte Wilms zal op 25 maart tijdens een van de bijeenkomsten van 'Digital Humanities en Archieven' een lezing geven over de DH-activiteiten van de KB.

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