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Interview with researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers at

Researcher-in-residence Melvin Wevers will defend his PhD on Friday 15 September 2017 at Utrecht University. His research was funded by the Dutch organisation NWO, who have interviewed him about his...

Registratie DH Clinics geopend

Het is zover: de inschrijvingen voor de Digital Humanities Clinics zijn geopend! Tijdens de DH Clinics leer je wat het doen van onderzoek met computationele methoden inhoudt en wat de...

New blog: Kick-off Workshop for LIBER’s Newest Working Group Digital Humanities

Reblogged from Digital Humanities (DH) is the field of research where the humanities and computer science meet, and scholars work on research using large collections of digital/digitised content and...

KB Lab at DH2017

This week the international Digital Humanities community will gather in Montreal, Canada for the annual Digital Humanities Conference . The KB will be represented by Steven Claeyssens & Martijn Kleppe...

Call Researcher-In-Residence program 2018 online

We are happy to announce that we opened the call for submissions for our researcher-in-residence-program 2018. This program offers a unique chance to early career researchers to work in the...

Report: Library Carpentry Sprint in KB

On Thursday 1 & Friday 2 June, about 12 Dutch librarians and experts gathered in the KB to join the Library Carpentry Sprint . Library Carpentry is a grassroot initiative...




Smart Humanity 2018

De volgende sessies worden (mede-)georganiseerd door het KB Lab-team Smart Collecties in de Digital Humanities (14:45 - 15:45) - Steven Claeyssens & Sara Veldhoen Nieuwsgierig naar wat de Digital Humanities betekenen voor het werk van bibliotheken? In deze sessie laten...



Internet New Year Event

Kees Teszelszky will be speaking at the Internet New Year Event. A very Internet New Year 2019 Meanwhile it is an established tradition : over thirty local and international internet organisations invite you to a joint Internet New Year's event...



ICT with Industry workshop on automated metadata

(Semi-) Automatic Cataloguing of Textual Cultural Heritage Objects Juliette Lonij, Sara Veldhoen en Martijn Kleppe In collaboration with Iris Hendrickx, Radboud University The KB | National Library of the Netherlands has been digitizing its collections at a rapid pace for...

Past events



Language technologies & digital humanities 2018

Martijn Kleppe will present a keynote at the Language Technologies & digital humanities 2018 conference in Ljubljana. The Slovenian Language Technologies Society ( SDJT ), the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies at the University of Ljubljana ( CJVT ),...



Building Library Labs

The British Library Labs is hosting an event for all libraries with (a wish) for a library lab. The KB Lab will be visiting with Willem Jan Faber, Steven Claeyssens and Lotte Wilms, who will be presenting on the KB...



KB Researcher-in-residence consultation

If you are interested in applying to the KB Researcher-in-residence programme for 2019 we strongly advise you to talk to us before submitting. We can help you shape your proposal in a way that it fits the programme best, ensuring...

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